Splash Waterworld has a variety of fun activities that are fun and engaging for kids and the young at heart.

The only thing cooler and more bouncy than the popular bouncing castle, is the Trampoline. This bouncy experience is good fun, and a good experience to have a laugh.

We have a variety of swimming pools that are tailored to accomodate all ranges of fun loving swimmers.Kids Swim

There is a baby pool, where toddlers and other younger ones can have a dip in the water under close supervision of an adult and lifeguard. There is the shallow end for beginners and swimming learners. There is also a deep end for the experienced swimmers to enjoy a good swim. The slides will get your adrenaline pumping and blow your excitement off the roof.

For those who don't want to get wet, but wanna have an equally exciting experience within a nice secure environment, there are quadbikes. A ride on these exciting bikes will leave the kids and teens with an experience to remember or look forward to.

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